Carolyn teaches beginning, intermediate, and advanced level classes of Afro-Cuban percussion in the SF Bay. Private lessons are also available. Please write Carolyn at for info.
Carolyn also does special one or two day workshops. Contact her at to arrange a workshop in your community!

THE BEGINNING CLASSES are geared for proper use of the hands and good technique on the conga drum. We study basic concepts that are the foundation of Afro-Cuban Folkloric music, such as: Polyrhythm, Clave, 6/8 bell pattern, Tresillo, etc. We also learn/practice basic music concepts such as: upbeat downbeat, counting, internalizing the metronome etc. All the lessons are taught by using Folkloric music so the student is immersed in music making from the very beginning.

continue our work on technique, endurance, speed. We now immerse ourselves in the ensemble playing of classical Folkloric music, learning different parts, how they lock together, and also learning the songs that go with the rhythms. The Afro-Cuba Folkloric drum music repetoire is enormous and is very charismatic and beautiful.

are geared towards ensemble playing, with the addition of learning how to solo. We will be studying transcribed solos of Master drummers from Cuba. I have written out solos from artists including Mongo Santamaria, Regino Jimenez, Eugenio Arango, Ramon Marquez, Daniel Alphonso and others. Horn players ALWAYS study the Masters by looking at their solos. This is what we will be doing as well. How do they organize their solos? What are the riffs that they use? What is
their relationship to Clave as they solo? These are questions that we can understand by studying their solos. The advanced students, through this study, will also learn to read music.