Alive! -- At this time, I met Rhiannon, and Susanne Di Vencenzo at a jazz workshop. We started playing together, and formed the women’s jazz quintet Alive! It was perfect timing and the group was a hit. We began playing clubs and festivals all over the country. I toured with Alive! for seven years, with approximately 6 months out of the year being on the road. The group is still “ alive” and we have managed to release a compilation CD of the best music from the vinyl records. We do several concerts a year – 30 years later!

Alive! was very important to my development, as it was in this environment that I started to compose. It was very challenging to apply the traditional drumming and concepts that I had learned, in a creative context that required an expression of self. We recorded three albums. There were six of my original compositions that were recorded, and several of my songs became popular among our national audience.

In 1982, I left Alive! to stay home with my son, who was eleven at the time. I began teaching music in a variety of places including public schools, and prisons, and became part of the faculty of Rhythmic Concept’s, Jazz Camp West. This summer jazz camp attracts the most creative and accomplished musicians of the Bay Area music community. I have been fortunate to collaborate with many wonderful artists in that environment.

I have taught for many years, privately and group drumming classes, for predominantly women students. Early on, I got in touch with the fact that there was something very special about women playing drums. One reason was, of course, that we are unshackling ourselves from taboos that strictly denied women from playing a wide variety of drums. The other phenomena that arose from these groups was a very deep feeling for the timeless rituals that women of all cultures have practiced I knew that women had always drummed.

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