Carolyn Brandy is offering Conga Drum instruction on DVD that is clear, and easy to follow.  Carolyn has developed a highly organized step by step approach to learning the technique and the rhythms for the Conga Drum.

Carolyn is a long time student of Afro-Cuban music and has studied Cuban drumming styles in many of Cuba’s cities and pueblos including Havana, Matanzas, Jovellanos, Cienfuegos, Palmira, Camaguey, Santiago de Cuba, Guantanamo, and Baracoa.  The richness of the Cuban culture is represented in the various forms and rhythms that can be found on the Conga Drums specific to all of these locations.

The Conga Drum is an instrument that was developed in Cuba by Africans who were brought to the island during the slave trade.  The drum is widely used in the rich folkloric traditions on the island including Bantu, Arara (Dahomey), Lukumi (Yoruba), Carabali (Calabar & Cameroon), and the many rhythms that were created in Cuba by the synthesis of many African nations, the indigenous people of the island, the Spanish, French and Asian populations.  This mixture of culture and philosophy is truly unique, inspirational, and potent.

The DVD’s that are being offered by Carolyn can be ordered from this site through Paypal.  There are already a number of DVD’s completed and more are on the way!  Carolyn has many years of extensive study and practice of the Cuban drumming styles which are offered here so that you can learn to play a multitude of incredible rhythms on this wonderful drum!

Every lesson will include the lesson/rhythm being presented and also a section for the rhythms/exercises presented slowly so you can play along. Following are the DVD's offered.


Fundamentals of rhythm – learn rhythmic placement against time.

Important rhythmic concepts of Cuban Music  – Tresillo, Cinquillo, Clave, Bombo & more.

Clave and Palito a clear explanation of the 3-2, and 2-3 Son Clave and Rumba clave. The different Palito patterns and their predominant sticking patterns.

6/8 African Bell Pattern.

Beginning rhythmic patterns - Learn simple rhythmic patterns that will help you gain good technique and good sound.

AND Many more beautiful Beginning and Intermediate rhythms!
All presented slowly and clearly in step by step lessons.