BEGINNING SERIES (available now on DVD):
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Lesson 1:

Tone, Bass, Slap:
Learn the three most important sounds for the Conga. There are more sounds that are used, but these are the foundation of your Conga Drum vocabulary.


Lesson 2:

Further Adventures of Tone, Bass, Slap:
Putting the sounds together in combinations on each hand and hands together. Learn the basic rhythm, Tumba.


Lesson 3:

The Heel-Toe:
The Heel-Toe is one of the most important techniques for the Conga drummer. It allows the drummer to make the equivalent of the stick drummer’s double stroke on the Conga drum.


Lesson 4:

The Tumbao:
The Tumbao is one of the most important rhythms for the Conga Drum. The Tumbao, and forms of the Tumbao are used extensively in Cuban and North American popular music.


Lesson 5:

Strengthening Rhythms, The Tumba Family:
Tumbadora, Mula, Funk, 6/8, Rebajador.  This a great DVD for learning a variety of rhythms to strengthen your vocabulary and technique. It also works with using your foot to mark the downbeat, and changing from a 4/4 feel to a 6/8.


Lesson 6:

Tumbao #2:
Tumbao variations, Montuno and Son Montuno.