INTERMEDIATE SERIES (available now on DVD).
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Intermediate Lesson 1:

The Guaguanco is part of the Rumba dance cycle. The three classical forms of the Rumba are: Yambu, Guaguanco and Rumba Columbia. This lesson covers the Clave and Palito parts. It also covers the Tumbadora with time keepers on the left hand that fill out the rhythm. The lesson also covers a beginning Tres Dos (Segundo) rhythm. These are presented separately as well as in an ensemble setting so you can play along.


Intermediate Lesson 2:

MAKUTA 1. (Havana style from the Conjunto Folklorico Nacional de Cuba)
Learn this infectious rhythm. The Makuta is part of the Bantu rhythms that originally came from primarily the Congo. The Makuta is widely played in Cuba with many variations on the form from city to city. There are a number of variations on the solo/improvisational pattern shown in this lesson.


Intermediate Lesson 3:

BEMBE OMOLALLE (From Matanzas)
Learn the basic concept for the many styles of Bembe. Bembe is a rhythm in a 6/8 time meter used to play for songs to the Orisha, the powerful deities of the Yoruba pantheon. This Bembe has a beautiful rhythmic song. The solo drum part in this lesson is called Meta which is used for songs to the male Orisha. Several variations on the solo part are explored.